Our Story

We know you have been waiting for so long to come across some healthy, natural, and yummy snacks to taste. We made it for you.

Our brand name “Anka Taste” got its name from the large and fabulous Anka bird which appears only once in ages. Anka flew from legendary mountain of Qaf and brought for us the most natural and nutritious dry fruits to taste. As Anka brought us those yummy and precious dry fruits, we decided to keep some magical seeds and let you taste the finest fruits too. We got the fruit seeds that the Anka brought, worked hard patiently, and planted those magical seeds into the rich Anatolian soils. As the time flies, we raised those seeds with love and grow them to beautiful fruit trees. It was our pleasure to care those trees as they provide us the finest fruits. Together with our care, rich Anatolian soil made our fruits taste even better. After we harvested the finest fruits gently from our trees, we decided to serve them for you in the form of natural dry fruits and fruit with some coolest packings. We also thought that you may love our dried fruits together with some rich nuts. So that, we have created variety of dry fruit products where you can enjoy the most nutritious fruits and nuts in different form of presentations.

We care you and your beloved ones’ well beings. We believe after natural and finest fruits are digested happily; your tummy would be happy with your choice too.

Since we have an essential philosophy of only using high quality ingredients in our products, we are proud to offer you our healthy snacks for your great happiness and health. With our dedicated team, we will continue to serve high quality food for your health and ensure that you are enjoying our Anka Taste...